About and Global Harmony LLC

Global Harmony LLC is a team of experts within the advertising, technology and media industry that work together to allow families from church, to home, to work to experience quality online entertainment, gaming, e-commerce, and e-mail platforms in interactive communities. Global Harmony Inc. is a privately owned Christian company and the CEO is Jesus Christ.
Global Harmony's Mission:
To create a positive on-line experience for families from church, to home, to work by providing members with quality entertainment, programming, games and interactive services.
Global Harmony's Vision:
Servicing the entire family, the Global Harmony websites will provide interactive communities that allows families to learn, play and create in a family friendly environment.
Global Harmony Websites are:
JoyStar.TV (Family Free Content platform) (Spanish Family Free Content platform) (Free Gameroom) (E-Mail platform) (E-Commerce platform)
Harmonize.TV (Streaming and OnDemand platform)

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