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The Three Stooges -

The stooges are inept deliverymen at a brewery. When they learn about a company golf tournament, they sneak onto a golf course to get some practice.

The Front Page - Ado

Newspaper comedy/drama based loosely on the 1928 stage play and its subsequent film adaptations.

3 Stooges-Private Bu

A Universal Army enlistment promotion, produced as a musical showcase for Harry James, the Andrews Sisters, Joe E. Lewis, and Donald O'Connor & Peggy

Buster Keaton-One We

A newly wedded couple attempts to build a house with a prefabricated kit, unaware that a rival sabotaged the kit's component numbering.

Laurel & Hardy-Mud a

Rhubarb Vaselino lives in a small village, when he and his friend, Sapo, enter a bullfighting contest, Sapo dies, but Rhubarb kills three bulls and b

Abbott and Costello-

Mr. Dinkle and Jack (Abbott and Costello) look for work at the Cosman Employment Agency. Jack makes advances to Cosman employee Polly (Dorothy Ford),

Behave Yourself

When a cute Welsh terrier follows Bill Denny home, little does he know that all gangland has its eye on that dog. Who will be bumbling Bill's undoin

At War With The Army

Alvin Corwin is low man on the totem pole, and goes from one mishap to another at an army training camp in World War II.

3 Stooges - Malice i

The Stooges are running the Cafe Casbah Bah (a Middle Eastern restaurant) and attempting to prepare a meal for customers Hassan Ben Sober (Vernon Den

3 Stooges - Brideles

Shemp plays a voice instructor and the object of affection to tone-deaf vocal student Miss Dinkelmeyer (Dee Green), with Larry his musical accompanis

3 Stooges - Disorder

The Stooges are key witnesses at a murder trial. Their friend and colleague, Gail Tempest (Suzanne Kaaren), is a dancer at the Black Bottom cafe wher

3 Stooges - Sing A S

The stooges are tailors, and are heavily in debt to the Skin & Flint finance company. When the boys read about the big reward for a fugitive robber,

Our Gang-War Feather

The gang is on a train trip with their parents through the "old West". They sneak off the train at a town called Hot Dog, and find themselves mixed u

East Side Kids (Our

A young street kid grows up and becomes a cop when he realizes that crime doesn't pay. One of his childhood friends is in prison for a murder he didn

Little Rascals - Der

After the gang goes to the horse races, they decide to have a derby of their own

The Fourth Alarm

The our gang kids try to extuingish a fire.

Mush n Milk

When Cap's back pension finally comes in, he treats the gang to a day at an amusement park

No Noise

The gang pays Mickey a visit at the hospital. They switch vaccination orders with another group of kids, but the staff catches on and gives them fals

Our Gang - Old Comed


Sunday calm

The kids' families plan a Sunday picnic. The group's wagon gets loose with the gang inside, leaving the adults behind. Once on their own, the kids de

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